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Concrete machine components

High-strength concrete – special requirements demand special solutions

Why concrete?

High-strength concrete has similar properties to granite in terms of temperature and vibration damping. It scores a price advantage in the manufacture of large piece numbers. Its malleability means that it offers a great number of design opportunities.

Functional elements can be integrated in the castings. And cables, water outlets, sensors, cooling systems or hydraulic lines can be cast into the components. Then we refer to machine frames made from cement-bound mineral casting which integrate certain functions (UHPC - ultra high-performance concrete).

Areas of application

Thanks to its thermal properties (low thermal conductivity, low coefficient of linear expansion) and very good vibration damping (material damping which is approx. 8 times better than metal), ultra high-strength concrete is suitable for applications with a high degree of dynamism and high demands on accuracy.
UHPC is non-combustible and non-flammable. As a cement-bound mineral casting, it can be recycled as building rubble. Efficient use is essentially determined by part size and piece numbers as well as design and functional integration.

We realise machine beds made from high-strength concrete with our partner, Bögl Reitz GmbH.

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