Each continent comprises rock which has served for millions of years as a reliable foundation for successful evolution on land. We source our hard stone from our own quarries in Europe and South Africa. Only this way can we guarantee optimum raw material quality. For the past 30 years, founder Egbert Reitz has been to practically every quarry on earth. He inspects quarries to see how good their raw material is. A trained eye and plenty of experience are required in order to analyse the geology of a quarry, i.e. the size, volume and quality of the raw material.

Founded by shareholders Egbert Reitz and Rudolf Kammerer in 2013, KARE Granitwerk GmbH is a sure road for the future of the REITZ Group.

In the Hartberg hard stone quarry near Schrems in Austria, raw blocks are broken from fine-grain granite and processed directly on site as slabs or tranches. This high-quality granite from Lower Austria continues to guarantee cost-transparent material flows. This, in turn, contributes over the long term to increasing our productivity and cost efficiency – to the benefit of our customers.

The choice of quarry is decisive for the consistent quality of our machine beds. 15 trucks per week supply us with raw material, whereby each truck bears loads of up to 24 tonnes.