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Granite machine components

Precision in granite: Optimum component in the manufacture of machine components

The manufacture of ultra-modern machine components from ancient natural hard stone – at first glance, this may appear to be contradictory, but take a closer look and you will discover an ideal combination:

Why granite?

On account of its specific properties, granite is an optimum material for the manufacture of precision machinery.


  • Low thermal coefficient of expansion

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • High precision in the micro-range

Granite is an optimum material for precision machinery – from co-ordinate measuring equipment to general machine construction with honing, grinding and milling. Depending on the respective requirements, various types of granite, e.g. Impala, are available. We source high-quality hard stone from our partner quarries in Europe and South Africa.

Reitz - Granit Vorteile

Areas of application

The very good thermal and vibration-reducing characteristics of granite make it an outstanding material in the area of precision machine construction, e.g. for tool machines, measuring machines, machines for electronics production, optical machines, and measuring and test benches. It is used in the construction of special machines and for parts with simple geometries in mass production.


The raw granite blocks required for ultra-precise manufacture of machine components, measuring tables and panels are initially cut to size with an allowance of a few millimetres. The blocks are then processed on double-column guided grinders to planarity of 5 to 20 μ. Then floor-type milling centres drill the parts for the thread inserts for assembling linear guide rails, drives, measuring systems, and attachment parts. After the trepanned plugs have been broken out, the stainless steel thread inserts are bonded using two-component epoxy resin. Achievable position accuracy is < ± 0.1 mm.

End processing by smooth lapping in fully air-conditioned precision measurement rooms at 20 (± 0.2) °C permits a reproducible planarity tolerance of 1 μm.

On request, Reitz also handles partial or full assembly to customer specifications.

Using optical and optoelectronic measuring equipment, the manufacture of machine components is examined and documented during processing and assembly.

We supply machine components of up to 12,000 x 4,300 x 1,500 mm (L x W x H).

We build components for the following machines:

  • Highly dynamic precision machine tools
    (grinding, turning, drilling, milling)

  • Optical machines

  • Measuring machines

  • Test benches

  • Basis

  • Aerospace technology machines

  • Machines for electronics production

  • Precision laser processing machines

  • Inspection machines

  • Printing machines

Granite precision machine components

(measuring and testing benches)

We find the µ!

We can also deliver to customers the measuring and test benches we use for our quality assurance.

We use various techniques during this process:

  • Optical measurements with autocollimators

  • Laser interferometers and laser trackers

  • Electronic inclination levels (precision spirit levels)


We guarantee precision of up to 1 µ for our parts.

Reitz - Prazisions-Maschinenbauteile aus Granit

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