We promote innovative ideas.


Research facilities: Partners and clients

We work closely with research facilities and universities. One feature of our REITZ TEC QUALITY claim is our desire to develop innovative ideas and technologies for our customers.

Research facilities are both partners and customers: Our planners and design engineers collaborate on forward-looking technologies. We concurrently equip numerous facilities and research institutes with our machine components.

For example, the particle accelerator in the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Villingen, Switzerland runs xx kilometres on our machine beds. The PSI is the largest research institute for natural and engineering science in Switzerland. Top research is carried out here in the areas of matter and materials, humans and health, as well as energy and the environment.

Through basic and applied research, sustainable solutions are elaborated for key topics for society, business and science. The particle accelerator with our components is used in cancer research.

Universities: Combining theory and practice

Mechanical engineering students are regular guests in Aßlar where they enjoy guided tours of our company. Here they can obtain insights into practical working methods and can shore up the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies.

REITZ endeavours to find new recruits at an early stage in their studies and takes advantage of co-operations with a wide variety of third-level education facilities in order to inspire young mechanical engineering students early on about our innovative concepts and family-based values.