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Component, module or entire machines?

We specialise in planning and building ultra-precise machine components made of granite. Fully exploiting the advantages of natural stone requires solid construction which is appropriate for the respective material. In an effort to achieve precise yet efficient realisation, our mechanical engineers at the competence centre in Aßlar work closely with experts on the customer side.

Our highly-qualified employees avail of many years of experience and the respective know-how, enabling us to manufacture individual assemblies or entire machines for our customers. Customers can also supply us with construction plans for their machines or machine components.

Furthermore, we can also independently develop individual assemblies and draw up construction plans ourselves. We hand over motion systems and basic machinery.


Reitz - Schmoll Maschine
Reitz - Systemlieferant

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You can scale any way you like and use us for the construction stages you want to outsource. The decision is yours which means you also retain cost control.

  • A component as the smallest unit

  • A module with partial or full assembly

  • Entire machines

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